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Vaughan Votes – Results 2018

  Vaughan Votes October 22 2018 - Vaughan Votes - Results 2018
Office of the City Clerk Phone: 905-832-8504 Email: elections@vaughan.ca Location: Vaughan City Hall Level 100 2141 Major Mackenzie Dr. Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1
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October 22, 2018

Official 2018 Results – Congratulations to ALL candidates and volunteers

UNofficial RESULTS

Election Results from City of Vaughan
10/22/2018 11:00 PM
Mayor Bevilacqua set to lead third Term of Council
These are the unofficial results of the 2018 Municipal Election in the City of Vaughan. The official results, as certified by Todd Coles, City Clerk at the City of Vaughan, will be released as soon as they are available.
Advance voting took place from Oct. 11 to 18, in eight different locations across the city – including a new advance voting location at two Vaughan subway stations – making up a combined total of 48 days of advance voting.
The Local and Regional Councillor with the most votes will be named Deputy Mayor.
Maurizio Bevilacqua
Local and Regional Councillor
Mario Ferri
Local and Regional Councillor
Gino Rosati
Local and Regional Councillor
Linda D. Jackson
Ward Councillor, Ward 1
Marilyn Iafrate
Ward Councillor, Ward 2
Tony Carella
Ward Councillor, Ward 3
Rosanna DeFrancesca
Ward Councillor, Ward 4
Sandra Yeung Racco
Ward Councillor, Ward 5
Alan Shefman


Canada Post Householder Counts City of Vaughan

2018 Municipal Election Monday, October 22, 2018

From the Desk of Henry TSE, Admail Agent Specialist

OPEN LETTER My name is Henry TSE, It is my pleasure to introduce myself you! First please accept my humble congratulations and best of luck on October 22 election for VAUGHAN COUNCIL! As we start to wind-down the end of summer I have already received numerous calls for householder count numbers from BOTH current and former candidates whom served on council in years past that I had the pleasure to facilitate the distribution of their election material items respectively. …Since 1996, I have was the Official and today unofficial Admail Sales Representative of Canada Post in Vaughan for distribution of Unaddressed Admail (flyers distribution) until CPC discontinued our program in 2003 for which I continue to offer my value added services today on a private commercial basis for both the City and many local businesses that have come to rely on my expertise to ensure compliance and timely distribution of their advertisements. Update: Canada Post Unaddressed Admail® Services Program for which Canada Post rebranded as Neighbourhood Mail™ in September 2015.   A quick refresher and understanding…. Canada Post letter carriers deliver your Election advertising items along-side “regular” First –Class mail which ensures your message is delivered with priority and seen in the process, unlike local community newspapers, private distribution companies, etc. How the Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ Admail Program Works? – You have 3 Options, 1) Do-it-Yourself, 2) Call Us, 3) Pass, and use alternative method of distribution. 1) If you choose to Do-It-Yourself, Go to your specific “Ward(s)” post office to review letter carrier walks and postal maps. Current “postage as of January 15, 2018 for Non-Contract: $162.00/1,000; if more than one postal installation involved; Forwarding & Transportation: $10.00/1,000 2) with Bench Strength Mail Associates, we come to you; work with your printer and save you $$$ on postage.  Current Non contract rate $162.00/1,000.  We offer “Private” transportation instead of CPC $10.00/1,000   $7.00/1,000 and our value-added Services FEE: $5.00/1,000. In short – The above quotation offer amounts to Revenue Neutral for you because of the discounted “special postage rate” EXCEPT:  We co-ordinate and take care of everything from picking up from your printer to bringing your flyers to the target postal installations involved, and you focus your time door-knocking and campaigning…. …IN addition to our Neighbourhood Mail™ value added services; we also offer professional graphic design, posters, banners, lawn signs, premium promotional items and both digital and offset press printing as your One- Stop- Source for Total Distribution. Why use Bench Strength Mail Associates for your printing & graphic design needs? For over 20 years we have specialized in distribution of flyers for our clients handling over 30,000,000 pieces to date!! Over the years we have been able to negotiate large volume discounts available only to trade, government or large commercial businesses which we pass on the savings to our customers. … Below is the latest householder information from Canada Post based on complete coverage City of Vaughan for your reference and information.  
WOODBRIDGE L4H 16078 59 0 16137
WOODBRIDGE – L4L 15448 3134 5 18587
MAPLE – L6A 21094 1806 11 22911
CONCORD – L4K 4074 939 0 5013
KLEINBURG – L0J 1214 59 47 1320
THORNHILL – L4J 17634 7059 0 24693
VAUGHAN / TOTAL 75542 13056 63 88661
 Last Updated: August 3, 2018
ward 1 sept 2018 18787 484 0 19271
ward 2 sept 2018 15710 2600 6 18316
ward 3 sept 2018 20156 903 0 21059
ward 4 sept 2018 18854 3031 0 21885
ward 5 sept 2018 14902 7013 0 21915
VAUGHAN Ward Map for 2018
Last Updated: Sept 17,2018 I hope these numbers are helpful for your planning and preparation of your budget and would be pleased to assist you in any marketing & advertising projects you are considering. BTW: We can assist you for complete coverage or target specific areas for which you are interested in getting your message out. If I can be of any assistance leading up to the election, please do not hesitate to contact me directly @ (905)886-4674, mobile: 416-817-8997 or htse@bsma.ca or henry.tse@rogers.com Very best regards, Henry Tse, Unaddressed Admail Agent Specialists Bench Strength Mail Associates (  (905)886-4674   7  (905)886-4672   * htse@bsma.ca   : www.bsma.ca  Your ONE SOURCE for Total Distribution   This e-mail message and any files transmitted with it may be CONFIDENTIAL and are intended for the addressee only.  Any unauthorized use, dissemination of the information, or copying of this message is prohibited.  If you are not the intended addressee, please notify the sender immediately and delete this message.
Ward Map for 2014 518x400 - Vaughan Votes - Results 2018
VAUGHAN Ward Map for 2018